Finserve Global Esports Fund

Esport is driving growth for technology companies worldwide. This is a trend that is expected to be strengthened in the coming years. Together with GP Bullhound - one of the world's leading investors in the technology sector - Finserve Nordic is launching a fund for those who want to join the growth journey. The fund invests globally in quality companies with esport as the primary value driver.

Where can I buy Finserve Global Esports Fund?

If you are a private individual and want to buy shares in the Finserve Global Esports Fund, you can do so with our partners.

Why invest in esports?

Point 1

The sports sector is experiencing exponential growth. Sales are up 20 percent a year and are expected to raise $ 1.7 billion by 2021.

Point 2

Established game developers get new sources of revenue through the growing esports sector without having to make major investments. Peripheral services such as advertising and rights for TV and streaming are expected to grow substantially.

Point 3

Technology companies have proved resilient during the downturn in the stock market that occurred in the wake of the corona pandemic. Rather, the sports sector is seeing increased interest and physical events can easily be made digital.


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Inge Heydorn

The fund is managed by Inge Heydorn, who has a solid background in the management of technology companies and who previously served as head of analysis for the telecommunications sector at Deutsche Bank in London and global head of technology analysis at ABN Amro. Inge comes most recently from Sentat Asset Management - a company he founded himself and where he was responsible for managing the hedge fund Thyra Hedge.