June 2022 Monthly update

Highly tactical trading in the last two weeks due to 1H rebalancing of indices and nominee portfolios. However, the underlying concerns are the same, but now liquidity and the company's sustainability have been added. Raising money has now really become a problem in the public markets as well. So companies that depend on access to liquidity to grow will struggle.

Consumer spending in all segments has seen a downward trend in 2022. Specifically in May, “spending” fell by 19 % compared to a year ago and this is the lowest monthly cost the industry has achieved since February 2020. Gaming this quarter is very cold and as consumer spending continues to decline, and as holiday times approach as well as the effects after all restrictions, it may be that people prioritize spending money on outdoor activities. On top of that, summer is usually a calmer period with a lack of releases. Last year, spending for all segments increased by 18 % in the same period, despite the lack of releases. 

Overall, summary NPD figures, forecasts, lack of releases, we believe that the next quarter will be very weak in games and it can also be difficult to reach sales targets mainly due to the post-covid effects and the lack of releases this period.

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