May 2022 Monthly update

Market volatility has continued during the month and the US market has at one point fallen for 8 weeks in a row. We have not seen this since 1932, although it seems that the technology really regained some confidence after the Salesforce results. Salesforce's figures were good, comments from management about the customer's intentions to continue investing in technology during the uncertain times we are in gave us confidence. In addition, several smaller technology companies such as MongoDB and Okta reported healthy figures.

The last stage down to the market has been driven by weaker sales from e-commerce players and higher costs for bricks and mortar. We can now find several interesting valuation cases over technology also with regard to a weaker economic development.

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Inge Heydorn

April 2022 Monthly update

The good news is that the technology continues to deliver strong results during the first quarter and that the market becomes more forgiving of weakness.

Inge Heydorn

February 2022 Monthly update

Volatility continues in the market and the reporting season has been strong for technology, especially software. However, we have seen weaknesses in social media platforms as well

Inge Heydorn

November 2021: Volatility increases dramatically

Volatility in the market has increased dramatically during the autumn and increased further in recent weeks. Federal Reserve comments on higher interest rates going forward together