March: a volatile month

March was a volatile month in which the market was driven back and forth by developments in long-term interest rates. We are now happy that we have the month behind us and that we managed to create a positive development in the fund. We are now entering April and the reporting season for Q1. Expectations are high for the quarter and most of the focus will be on the companies' comments about the development during the rest of the year. The second quarter has one week less than the first quarter and has significantly tougher comparative figures with all the lockdowns last year. The market will primarily look at the expected growth during Q2.

We were not entirely satisfied with the volatility that arose in the portfolio during March and corrected the risk somewhat by, above all, selling shares with the highest volatility and reducing the general market correlation in the portfolio.

The data points we have collected during the quarter show a strong quarter for our sports companies. In gaming, all platforms are growing strongly. We have already seen one of our main holdings Activision Blizzard been out and noted that the quarter meets or beats their previous guidance. We also believe Zynga and Nintendo will have strong quarters. However, the comparison in gaming will be much tougher now from the second quarter when the world went into COVID lockdowns.

Finserve Global Esports went up 1,42% in March.

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