November 2021: Volatility increases dramatically

Volatility in the market has increased dramatically during the autumn and increased further in recent weeks. The Federal Reserve's comments about higher interest rates in the future together with the new covid variant omikron seem to be the main reason for the increased risk in the market. To this can be added inflation concerns and problems in attracting labor in many industries. Technology stocks have been under heavy pressure in recent weeks and gaming / esports stocks have continued to underperform.

However, the underlying demand for games and esports events continues to be good and then we must remember that the comparison figures with last year's covid shutdown period are really tough. Demand for gaming consoles and gaming PCs continues to be at a record high, which in turn leads to a demand for gaming. We continue to focus on the major gaming companies in the portfolio.

The fund ended up at 4,73% in November and is now up 18.30% YTD.

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