November: positive month, TSMC, Unity and Microsoft among the winners

The stock market was very strong in November and broke record after record. The market was driven by the positive results from the vaccine tests and we experienced a massive rotation from "work at home" winners to recovery stocks. Most of the shares in our segment, and especially game developers, are seen as covid winners and thus had no strong development during the month.

The fund closed up 0.99 percent in November. The big winners in the portfolio were TSMC, Unity, Microsoft and Tencent. Game developers such as Activision, EA, Take Two and Zynga had a tough time and in several cases ended up on the red during the month. October was strong according to the data points we collected for our companies and game sales during Black Week also seem to have broken records.

During the month, we increased our positions in Sony, Nintendo and TSMC.

Investments in Esport continue, Microsoft buys We are also constantly seeing new records in participation and viewing. The Fortnite finale of Nexus War, Dead Galactus, attracted as many as 15.3 million players and was followed by 3.4 million viewers on Youtube and Twitch.

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